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Online Learning - Food Safety

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Food Handler Certification Program

Do you ever cook for your family, for your friends or for clients? Then you may be interested to know that Canadians report between 11 and 13 million cases of foodborne illness every year. Are you confident that your knowledge of food handling is up-to-date?

TrainCan Inc., offers a food safety course that is available to all food handlers. The training covers safe food handling, foodborne illnesses, bacteria, cleaning and sanitizing methods, and food allergies. The course is based on the Food Handler Training Protocol produced by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 

Workshops can also be arranged at your work location, based on a minimum of 15 participants.

COVID-19 note: For home-study and online training (Options A and C below), the 1 hour-exam must be completed ONLINE, from the comfort of your HOME/OFFICE ( using a computer/laptop with WEBCAM) at any desired date/time. Online training participants will see special instructions on how to access their WEBCAM exam upon completion of their online course.

Home study candidates will need to contact ( after their home study is completed) to obtain further WEBCAM access instructions.

Option A: $40.27 ( Plus tax )


Click below to purchase an online BASICS.fst food handler access PIN and PASSWORD.

Once you have completed the course online you will be able to take an online final WEBCAM EXAM at any time from HOME.

Option B: $35.00 incl. tax

IN-CLASS Workshop (6-8 hours)

Click below to purchase and book a full day workshop. This BASICS.fst food handler session is conducted in class.

You will be prompted to select your date, time and location for the workshop.

IN-class workshops are currently unavailable

Option C: $35.00 incl. tax

Home Study with Manual

Click below to purchase home study with the BASICS.fst manual.

Allow 2 weeks for delivery

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